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COVID-19 and contact lens wear: what do eye care practitioners and patients need to know?

Download PDF Karen Walsh is the Professional Education Team Leader and Clinical Scientist at the Centre for Ocular Research & Education, (CORE) based at the University of Waterloo, Canada. She has previously worked as a Professional Affairs Manager in the … Continue reading

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Contact lens biosensors: Can we sense our tears?

Download PDF Chau-Minh Phan is a research scientist at the Centre for Ocular Research & Education, and co-founder of Tricolops Technology and OcuBlink Inc. His research interests primarily focus on developing biomaterials for ocular drug delivery and in vitro eye … Continue reading

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Canadian Dry Eye Summit: Conference review

CORE’s Karen Walsh reports on Day 1 of the conference. Continue reading

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Orthokeratology for slowing progression of myopia

Paul Gifford’s editorial covers the use of orthokeratology for slowing the progression of myopia. Continue reading

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Understanding Clinical and Contact Lens Related Risk Factors for Corneal Inflammatory Events

Loretta Szczotka-Flynn has written a comprehensive editorial, including a review of the associations between mucin ball formation and CIEs Continue reading

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Staining Wars

Eric Papas has written a fascinating editorial describing how our appreciation of SICS has changed over time, concluding with some present day evidence Continue reading

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The International Myopia Institute White Paper Reports – a landmark moment

Kate Gifford’s editorial provides an overview of the International Myopia Initiative Continue reading

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Eyelids and contact lens discomfort

Sowjanya Siddireddy’s editorial is a comprehensive review of our current understanding about the role of the eyelids in contact lens wear, and how they contribute to contact lens discomfort. Continue reading

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Myth or Reality?

Karen Walsh’s editorial takes a look at the numbers of contact lens wearers, reasons for drop out and overall opportunity for growth within the sector. Ultimately asking the question “how may long-held beliefs affecting fitting behavior”? Continue reading

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Contact Lens Compliance: A Review

Kelsy Steele’s editorial reviews the recent literature on compliance and provides tips to facilitate compliance within clinical practice. Continue reading

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