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Structural and Functional Corneal Nerve Abnormalities suggest the Neurosensory Origin of Contact Lens Discomfort

Pedram Hamrah, MD is the Interim Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology and Professor of Ophthalmology at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston. Dr. Hamrah trained in Ocular and Transplantation Immunology at the Schepens Eye Research Institute of Mass. Eye and … Continue reading

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From Vision to Ocular Surface Rehabilitation: A Paradigm Shift in Scleral Lens Prescribing

Boris Severinsky shows the benefits of fitting scleral lenses to manage ocular surface disease Continue reading

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Contact lens noncompliance arising from improper education

We share the work of John Gialousakis who investigated the impact of appropriate education on contact lens related bad habits. Continue reading

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Using personal face masks with spectacles versus contact lenses

Carole Maldonado-Codina explores how patient satisfaction with modes of vision correction are affected by use of personal face masks Continue reading

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One hour of smartphone use induces ocular discomfort and reduces blinking in children

Ngozi Chidi-Egboka OD, MPH, FNCO, FAAO trained as a clinical Optometrist and Lecturer in Nigeria before enrolling to undertake her PhD at UNSW Sydney. Ngozi’s research interest is the ocular surface in children. Download the poster (.pdf), which was originally … Continue reading

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‘Physiologic’ Eye Growth in Myopic Children

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Comfort and vision correlations in daily disposable multifocal lenses

Sarah Guthrie is a senior research associate at the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE), in the School of Optometry & Vision Science at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Presented at BCLA 2021, this conference highlight is adapted from … Continue reading

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The ex-vivo drug amount of an antihistamine releasing contact lens

Summarising the ARVO 2020 presentation of Brian Pallwith co-authors, Shivkumar Mahadevan, Azaam Alli, Frank Yi, Charis Lau and Paul Gomes Ocular allergy is a pervasive condition reported in 20-40% of the US population, with a similar prevalence worldwide.1,2 A contact … Continue reading

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The Effect of Marginal Eyeliner Use on Tears and Meibomian Gland Function

Dr. Mariam Alkawally is the current Ocular Disease Resident at Empire Eye and Laser Center in Bakersfield, California. Dr. Alkawally obtained her dual OD/MS degree at SCCO under the tutelage of Dr. Jerry Paugh, her thesis being on the effect … Continue reading

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Increase in Dry Eye Symptoms Among Middle and High School Students After Initiation of Online Learning Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

American Academy of Optometry, Oct 2020, Poster Amy Nau, Olivia Nau, Reeti Rawal,Korb & Associates, Korb Research, Boston PurposeMeibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is the most common cause of evaporative dry eye in adults and more recently has been shown to … Continue reading

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