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Practitioner Reference: Evolving our Understanding of SICS

A new SICS factsheet is available for practitioners to download, providing a summary of key information about SICS along with advice on how to deal with it in practice. Continue reading

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Practitioner Reference: Applying the clinical management guidelines

A factsheet is available to download, for use by practitioners to help implement myopia management in practice Continue reading

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Keeping a lid on dropout: a view from practice

Brian Tompkins and Keyur Patel provide a practitioner view in the clinical insight section, sharing why they pay such close attention to the condition of the eyelids in their contact lens patients, along with the series of clinical assessments they perform. Continue reading

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Myth 3: It is not worth correcting low astigmats with toric contact lenses

The final myth, tackled by Karen Walsh, concerns the need to fit low astigmats with soft toric rather than spherical contact lenses. Continue reading

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Contact lens cases: a view from practice

Keyur Patel shares tips from practice to help encourage patient compliance Continue reading

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Patient handout: Good habits, healthy eyes for young contact lens wearers

Download our patient handout on healthy contact lens habits for kids! Continue reading

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Online Continuing Education: Enhancing Eye Care through Interprofessional Collaboration

Check out a new COPE-accredited online CE course designed to encourage collaboration between optometrists and pharmacists Continue reading

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Patient handout: Digital eye strain

Download our patient handout on coping with digital eye strain. Continue reading

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Diagnosing and treating dry eye: instructional videos from TFOS

For guidance on following the DEWS II report’s recommendations for managing and treating dry eye, check out a series of instructional videos from the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society. Continue reading

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Patient handout: Presbyopia

How do you prepare your patients for the visual changes that they will experience once they reach their 40s? Download our patient handout, which we designed to help you explain presbyopia as well as the contact lens designs available for them to try.

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