Issue 56

Scleral lens update

Review of current hot topics, new research and diagnostic lens disinfection guidelines. We are delighted to announce a special edition of Contact Lens Update curated by subject matter expert Melissa Barnett. Her editorial tackles current hot topics including the use of scleral lenses in keratoconus, and how to recognise and addressing midday fogging. She also explores potential future uses of scleral lenses, from ocular drug delivery to smart lenses. The role of the filling solution is examined in both the feature article and conference highlight. The results of a study by Jennifer Fogt investigate if a novel filling solution can alter midday fogging. Fiona Stapleton’s conference highlight looks at the impact on comfort and vision of adding a lubricating drop to the filling solution ahead of lens wear. Finally, with advice that is necessary all of the time, but perhaps more so in the current climate of ensuring safe practice with COVID-19, the downloadable practitioner reference contains the correct steps necessary to disinfect reusable diagnostic lenses in practice.