Issue 57

2020: An extraordinary year

A global view on clinical practice during a pandemic. COVID-19 and clinical practice has been the subject of many peer review and clinical articles since the declaration of the global pandemic in March 2020. As the year draws to a close Contact Lens Update wanted to understand how eye care practitioners (ECPs) have coped with the events of the last few months. The editorial of this special edition paints a picture of those experiences in ten different countries through the eyes of practitioners involved in many aspects of routine and specialist patient care. From coping with necessary changes at the start of the pandemic, returning to routine practice and through to looking towards the future, our global panel summarise their journey; one that many ECPs have covered during the year. Some of their insights touch on patient-related experiences such as the efficacy of mask wearing, and dry eyes associated with use of masks and digital devices. All of these topics are further expanded on in the other sections of this issue.