Issue 54

New news since TFOS DEWS II

Reflecting on dry eye disease research and practice three years on from TFOS DEWS II. With contributions from two TFOS global ambassadors, this issue of contact lens update delivers new and practical information for use with dry eye patients. Jennifer Craig, a member of the TFOS board of directors and vice-chair of the TFOS DEWS II workshop, summarises how the dry eye reports of 2017 have helped shape research and influence clinical practice. Her editorial provides useful clinical pearls along with sharing results of new research in the field. In the feature article, TFOS global ambassador Scott Schachter provides a useful reminder that the impact of dry eye disease on vision should not be overlooked, summarising key publications in three different patient groups. The conference highlight features work from both Jennifer and Scott that was presented at ARVO last year. Finally, this issue’s clinical insight reviews the use of preserved and non-preserved artificial tears.