Issue 48


Solution induced corneal staining (SICS) has been documented for nearly twenty years, and our understanding of the mechanism by which it occurs and its clinical significance has evolved over time. This issue of Contact Lens Update reviews this journey of understanding, sharing some novel new work, and a factsheet for practitioners own reference. Eric Papas has written a fascinating editorial describing how our appreciation of SICS has changed over time, concluding with some present day evidence. David McCanna reviews Tahmina Khan’s in vitro work which examines the mechanism of fluorescein uptake into cells, and how this is modulated by a particular surfactant found in some MPS. The conference highlight is Tahmina Khan’s own poster outlining the work referenced in her paper. Finally, a new SICS factsheet is available for practitioners to download, providing a summary of key information about SICS along with advice on how to deal with it in practice.