Issue 49

Infiltrates - an update

With contributions from global experts in this subject area, this issue focusses on corneal infiltrative events (CIEs) associated with soft contact lens wear, examining their incidence, risk factors and the steps that can be taken in practice to advise patients on reducing their chance of developing them. Loretta Szczotka-Flynn has written a comprehensive editorial which addresses all of these areas, including a review of the associations between mucin ball formation and CIEs. Robin Chalmers not only summarises key points from Kelsey Steele’s recent review paper on the epidemiology of CIEs, but also provides several helpful pieces of advice for practitioners. Future work in this field is highlighted with Debarun Dutta’s conference abstract which examines the effect of antimicrobial contact lenses on the incidence of CIEs in extended wear. The clinical insight in this issue is a factsheet containing all the relevant figures on CIE incidence and risk factors, and is intended to be downloaded for use by practitioners as a quick reference tool.