Issue 55

A dose of myopia

Evidence for dose-dependent responses and how to apply this in practice. Two globally recognised experts contribute to this issue on the subject of a dose-dependent response in myopia management. Mark Bullimore’s editorial reviews the recently published BLINK study, summarising key findings and making them applicable to practice. One of those findings relates to the strength, or ‘dose’ of the treatment used. Australian myopia control expert, Philip Cheng, takes this further in the feature article, reviewing evidence for that same link across a number of different myopia control interventions. He then draws on his considerable experience in the clinical insight section to demonstrate how to apply this evidence when recommending treatment for patients in practice. A dose-dependent response to atropine has been reported widely before, but JR Polling’s recent abstract, shared as the conference highlight, demonstrates once more, in a clinical population, just how this conclusion continues to hold true.