Issue 46

Lids and contact lenses

The eyelids play an important role in contact lens wear. This edition reviews the interactions which occur between contact lenses and the eyelids, lid margins and Meibomian glands. Sowjanya Siddireddy’s editorial is a comprehensive review of our current understanding about the role of the eyelids in contact lens wear, and how they contribute to contact lens discomfort. Will Ngo reviews Siddireddy’s own paper on contact lens discomfort, the eyelids and tear film which concludes that significant differences in the eyelid margin and tear film exist between symptomatic and asymptomatic contact lens wearers. Andrew Pucker presented the results of a study examining the association between the health of the Meibomian glands and contact lens drop out at the American Academy of Optometry meeting in November 2018. The abstract of that presentation is shared in this edition. Brian Tompkins and Keyur Patel provide a practitioner view in the clinical insight section, sharing why they pay such close attention to the condition of the eyelids in their contact lens patients, along with the series of clinical assessments they perform.